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CAN I MAKE A ONE-TIME PURCHASE?Updated 5 months ago

Yes! Whilst a subscription offers added benefits, we understand that it may not be suitable for everyone and believe it's important that we cater to everyones' needs. We fully respect your choice and want to assure you that even if you decide to make a one-off purchase, you will still receive the same high-quality product and excellent customer service. 

The majority of our products can be purchased as a one-time purchase. When you select your preferred product, both options will be presented to you (if available) on the product page. Please see the screenshot below as an example of what you should expect to see.

The only exception is with our ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ Starter Kit, where you will be automatically enrolled into a subscription, with a quarterly billing term. Of course you can always opt out of this at any point before the next billing date, should you not wish for your subscription to renew. This can simply be done yourself directly through your account in line with our cancellation policy.

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