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CAN I SEND A GIFT?Updated 6 months ago

Although we do not have a ‘gifting’ option as such, you can still send an order to a loved one simply by entering their shipping address at checkout. You can do this either as a one-time purchase, or as a subscription. We do not include any information in the package about prices, so you can rest assured that your recipient will not see this! Please kindly note that we do not currently have the option of including a gift message.

If you’d like to take out a subscription for someone, please kindly note that the subscription will be managed under the email address that you use at the time of ordering. For example, if you purchase this under your email address, you will need to manage the subscription on their behalf under your account.

If you’d like your recipient to manage the subscription themselves, we recommend you enter their email address instead at the time of purchase, however please kindly note that they will receive the confirmation email directly to their email address, which will include the details of the order alongside the prices. For this option, we advise you to inform the recipient ahead of making the purchase, so that they are not surprised by the confirmation email, or subsequent renewal emails, should you decide to continue their subscription!

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