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We’re sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your subscription at this time, but we fully appreciate that there may be times where you might need to cancel your recurring deliveries. That being said, depending on the reason for you leaving, our subscription service is designed to be super flexible to meet your needs, allowing you the option to skip, defer, or change the frequency of your deliveries at any time if you’re not fully ready to say goodbye just yet!

To manage or cancel your subscription, simply log into your accoun
here, using the email address which you used to place your original order. Once logged in, you will be displayed with the below options where you will be able to edit or cancel your subscription accordingly:

If you do still need to cancel your subscription, please click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button, where you will then be prompted to select a reason for leaving. It's extremely helpful for us to know the reason why you're leaving at this time, so please kindly choose the reason most appropriate to you.

After you have selected a reason, please click on the ‘Cancel subscription’ button, as per the below, to ensure this is registered. You will then receive a confirmation email to confirm the successful cancellation of your subscription, and no further payment will be taken.

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