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If you find that you’re using your product too quickly, we can suggest some of the following useful tips:

  • Rinse your concentrate bottle - It’s easy to leave some valuable concentrate behind so to ensure you get all of it out of your bottle, be sure to rinse it a couple of times and empty this into your Bottle for Life. When you’re confident that all of the concentrate has been added, it’s time to dilute your bottle by topping it up with water. It’s best to add the water slowly to avoid the product ‘foaming’, which may make you think that the bottle is fuller than it really is. By doing this slowly, you will reduce both the risk of foaming and losing any product
  • Spray directly onto your cloth - To make the product last longer, we recommend spraying it directly onto your Purdy & Figg microfibre cloth. Not only does this make the cloth smell amazing, it reduces the risk of spraying more product than is actually required for cleaning
  • Top up with a little more water - When you notice that your bottle is running a little low, it’s perfectly fine to top your Bottle for Life up with a bit of water, as this will not compromise any of the cleaning properties
  • Change your frequency - We understand that there may be times when you’re using your product more than usual, perhaps you have been doing extra entertaining and hosting which has required a little more cleaning than usual. In addition to the above tips, if there are times where you know you may need more, we do also give you the option to increase the frequency of your deliveries to every 1 or 2 months. Additionally, you can log into your account here and click on ‘Get Now’, which will trigger a new refill pack to be delivered to you within 2-3 working days of you selecting this option
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