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We strongly believe that our subscription service is the most advantageous option if you’re ordering from us, although rest assured we truly welcome and value one-time purchases too! To help you make up your mind, we’d like to remind you of just a few of the added benefits you can be sure to receive when you take out a subscription with us:

  1. Convenience: Our subscription service ensures that you receive regular deliveries of your favourite products without the need to reorder each time, whenever you want. This saves you time and effort, ensuring a consistent supply of the items you love. You can also amend your subscription items before your next order date, if you wish to change your scents or add additional products
  2. Cost Savings: Subscribers receive discounted pricing and/or exclusive offers, providing effective cost savings compared to one-off purchases. This enables you to enjoy our products at a more budget-friendly price
  3. Customisation: Our subscription service allows you to tailor the delivery frequency and quantity of products based on your preferences. You have the flexibility to amend your preferred delivery address as well as adjust or skip deliveries as needed, ensuring that you always have the right amount of product on hand

Whilst a subscription offers added benefits, we understand that it may not be suitable for everyone. We respect your choice and want to assure you that even if you decide to make a one-off purchase, you will still receive the same high-quality product and excellent customer service.

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